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            A and P was a very descriptive story. The artistic appeal of the story was the characteristation of Sammy. Sammy through out the story started out as critical, then was observation and lastly he showed his compasion side.
             At the beginning of the story Sammy seemed very bitter and critical. Sammy seemed very bored while he stood there rining up people. His critical attitude and bitterness showed as he referred to an older women as a "cash-register shopper" and and suggests that she would have been "burned in Salem" to show the type of people he comes into contact with on a regular basis. When i heard that remark that i thought that was rude and showed lack of interest in his job. His insults to showed me that he views people in a very critical, unruly way. Sammy expresses his crtical and bitter nature while he kept negatively commenting the shoppers.
             In the middle of the story he noticed these 3 girls. He was very observate as he described there every feature and movement.Sammy's concentration was on the 3 girls but especially Queenie with her "prima donna legs" and her "white shoulders." His observation state of mind was takking his concentration away from his job while making mistakes rining up people.
             Lastly at the end of the story his transition really changed from bitter and critical to compasionate and sensitive. He saw how people would stare at these girls like a piece of meat, and he felt compansion towards them. His boss was very harsh and straight to the point. Sammy expressing what he thought was right made him very compassionate and sensitive. .
             Through out the story you can see the artisitc appeal of the character Sammy change dramatically. He was very bitter, observate and critical which made him an interesting character to analyze.

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