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             Constantly resisting hysteria, attempting to distinguish between reality and imagination. This is the life as a fugitive as explained in the text Angela Davis: An Autobiography. .
             From the beginning it seems as though Angela Davis is singled out as she is fired from her teaching position at the University of California simply for being a member of the communist party. Shortly after, a courthouse revolt takes place leaving a district attorney wounded and a judge slain. The weapon used in this revolt however was registered under the name of Angela Davis. From this point we follow Angela Davis as she travels around the country constantly eluding the authorities. At last after finding her place on the FBI's top ten list Angela is apprehended in a New York City motel with a companion named David.
             At this point we see a comparison to where Angela found herself as a teenager and where she finds herself now. Angela states, "At age fifteen I accepted some of the myths surrounding prisoners. I did not quite see them quite as the criminals society said they were, but they did seem aliens in the world I inhabited." Angela is eventually arraigned and sentenced to the Womens House of Detention in Manhattan. It is here thus far in the text that we get acquainted with the background of Angela Davis. .
             Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama Angela was not a stranger to the world of segregation. From 1948 when her family moved out of the projects and into the large wooden house on Center Street she is driven into the world of white hostility. Her family was the first black family to move into the area soon to be dubbed "Dynamite Hill" due to upcoming racially motivated hate bombings. Growing up in an environment such as this from a young age leaves no question as to the mindset Angela displays later in her life. .
             It is clear that her future beliefs are a product of her surroundings as a child rather than an influence on the part of her mother or father.

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