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Why is it so important to hear

             Why is it so important to hear other people's stories? .
             Most of the time in life other people's ideas, thinking and experiences can construct a tastefull image in our own mind. it could build a catharsis with a unending inspiration. Dougles Glover's a precious, Dog attempts to drown in Saskatoon was a publication nominated for the governor general's award for fiction 1991, which a potagonist tells his life story about a sweet ,sentimental love affair in Saskatoon and how it became bitter in taste in eleven months of been married.
             Saying "like many people ,we are both masters Of beginning and ending but founder in middle of the thing" is a captivating part to describe the protagonist's story in a short form. hearing the story of lucy, a women who .
             Came to Saskatoon seven years ago and worked in a garment factory and next fall started the law school shows the evidence of determination where a women with out a father can have. The protagonist is a proud man who describe him self as a gutter snob, from saskatchewan and making the living with what comes to his hand shows his determination against lucy.comparison of the two charactors of the lucy and her husband shows the importantly of the determination ,ability and intelligence should place in same level in a marriage in real life as lucy's husband think. hearing where potagonis feels about her wife "what does she care about art.she doesn't have no education" is a such point where his feelings towards to lucy catharsis as anger or hate.
             Lucy's story is important in life to understand where a women who brought up by her mother and lack of love and closeness of her father where she tries to get that feeling from her lover or the husband. "For her part she naturally sees me as the father who, in that earlier existence, proved so in evasion and flight" where she wanted it from the potagonis can be described as a surrogate father to lucy.

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