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Joseph - Rags to Riches

             (Source Scripture: Genesis 37:2 - 37:36, 39:1 - Genesis 45:28).
             Through this essay, I will endeavour to describe the role of Joseph in Bible history, why God chose him and how he was different than those around him.
             Joseph was a young herdsman, the older son of Jacob and Rachel. God gave Joseph a task of preserving God's people from starvation during a severe world famine that would last for seven years. .
             God had endowed Joseph with a gift of dreams along with an ability to interpret dreams. The first two dreams written of were about the day when his father, mother and brothers would bow down to him. His brothers became extremely jealous of him and had nothing good to say about him after that. Although Jacob did keep Joseph's dream in his mind, he was quick to question it. .
             The resentment that Joseph's brothers had for him grew until they even conspired on how they could get rid of Joseph once and for all. God used Reuben to persuade his other brothers not to kill him. Judah, inspired by a traveling caravan in addition to his own greed, convinced Joseph's brothers to sell him as a slave. .
             Upon arriving in Egypt he was sold to a man named Potiphar. Although he had been mistreated and was now a slave, Joseph still honoured God by doing his very best at these tasks he was given. God honoured Joseph in return and rewarded his commitment by causing Potiphar's household to be abundantly blessed through him. Potiphar was so impressed that he put Joseph in charge of his entire house.
             The problems do not stop for Joseph at this point. Potiphar's wife begins to lust for Joseph and continuously tries to seduce him. Joseph holds his ground and does not give in to her. She becomes filled with resentment after which she accuses Joseph of rape. Potiphar then throws Joseph into prison for a crime he did not commit.
             Again, while in prison Joseph's diligent work and commitment to the Lord causes this prison to be prosperous also.

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