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Benny Goodman

             Benny Goodman (born Benjamin David Goodman) ws born and raised in a tenement in Chicago's Maxwell Street ghetto in 1909. [Firestone (pg.18)]"One of twelve children born to an immigrant tailor and his wife named David Goodman and Dora Rezinsky who fled Russian anti-Semitism", Goodman experienced hard times while growing up. [Collier (pg. 13)]"David Goodman quickly discovered that the Kehelah Jacob Synagogue, about a mile and a half form the Francisco Avenue house, had a boys" band and offered some sort of instruction, along with musical instruments which could be rented cheaply." So Mr. Goodman signed up three of his sons and the lessons begun; but the very next year Benny joined the boys" club band at the Jane Addam's Hull House. It was a settlement house or social service agency for the under privileged founded by reformer Jane Addams. Form the start; Goodman displayed an exceptional talent and [Tirro (pg. 237)]"he earned himself the reputation of being a perpetual student of music and instrumental virtuosity." Benny also earned himself personal tuition form James Sylvester and then renowned classicist Franz Schoepp. Schoepp was probably his most important teacher, a classical instructor from the Chicago Musical college who disdained jazz and instilled in his students [Tirro pg. 237)](who included Jimmy Noone and Buster Bailey respected for classical musicianship and as late as 1949, Goodman was studying with Reginald Kell, a leading British classical clarinet soloist). Benny studied with Schoepp for two years, emerging a skilled musician. [Collier (pg. 23)] "Before he was in his teens, Benny had began performing in public and was soon playing in bands with such emerging jazz artist as Jimmy McPartland, Frank Teschemacher and Dave Tough. It seemed that music was the destiny for young Benny Goodman, but tragedy in the family put Benny's music progression on hold. [Firestone (pg. 33)] "In 1923, Benny's father died, so fourteen-year-old Goodman helped support his family by playing at a Chicago neighborhood dance hall and working locally.

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