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Cask of Amon- Characterization

            In "The Cask Of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe, the personality of Montresor is explicitly demonstarted to the audience through numerous literary techniques employed by Poe throughout the story. The point of view, as well as the actions, thoughts, and words of Montersor illustrate his vengeful desires and lack of compassion for those whom he has disdainful opinions of.
             From the very start we are informed of Montresor's disdain for fortunado and further; his plan for revenge in retaliation for his "venture upon insult", for this Montresor "vowed revenge". This frame of mind carries through Poe's short story as we are taken down a road of Montresor's one track mind. Poe's use of convention allowed Montresor's thought, plans, and intentions to flow freely into the minds of the audience, this was done so effectively through the use of the first person participant point of view. Through this, we are constantly seeing through the eyes of Montresor' and participating in his every action, though we as readers have no control, experiencing Montresor's experiences allows us to enter his mind.
             As previously mentioned, it is obvious that Montresor dislikes Fortunado from the very opening of the story, however as we read further we see the deeply homicidal and blood lustful aspects of Montresor's thought process. He enjoys toying with Fortunado in his very words and actions. He hints at Fortunado's demise to his face with absolute sincerity "Nemo me impune lacessit" meaning "No one can provoke me and get away with it." This statement is a shining example of Montresor's fascination with dramatic revenge. We can conclude that such a revenge as killing Fortunado in a less complicated manner would have been less satisfying for Montresor. He is cunning and clever and has the mantality of one too proud for any crude form of revenge. From the tauntings of Fortunado's ignorance to Montrsor's family moto to his numerous statements of concern and admiration for Fortunado we are shown this.

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