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deviant cycle

             The film portrayed four child molesters and one rapist. The five men told about what they did to get incarcerated. They gave us a makeup of their personality and how they acted when they were children. The men told us what they looked for in a child, what they did not like when looking for a victim, and the qualities essential in a potential victim. The film also showed how the men's degree of sickness differed.
             Sandy is thirty-two years old. Sandy says that he would not molest anyone over the age of twelve because he was afraid of older or same age sex partners. He claims he only molested a total of thirty boys in his life, but I have a strong feeling it was more than that. At first, Sandy only wanted to make his victim's feel good; he never wanted anything in return. But, as his illness worsened over time he found himself wanting the same pleasure in return and also sodomizing his victim's. Sandy claims that he was trusted so much by the parent's of his victims that he did not have to tell them to keep quiet. If they did tell he said nobody would believe he could ever do such a thing. Sandy claims he felt guilty about his crimes and he tried asking for help, but claims no one would believe him. He also said that he would feel so guilty he would move out of state to get away from the guilt. In my opinion, I think he moved out of state to get more victims and for an even lesser chance of getting caught. .
             Jamie is thirty-eight years old. Jamie is different than the other men in the video because he is a rapist. He went looking for his victims saying that he was looking for his wife, but he knew he was looking for his victims. He would actually fake emergencies and knock on a woman's door saying that his car broke down. He prided himself on not looking like a typical rapist, which is how he would get his victims to trust him. He also would rape his wife when she slept. Jamie admitted to feeling like a freak when he was a child because he started out as a peeping tom.

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