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Escaping Loneliness

             In Miss Brill, Katherine Mansfield portrays the simple depressing life of an outcast woman.
             The protagonist, Miss Brill, leads a lifeless existence and seeks a way of escaping her.
             lonely, everyday life. Since her life lacks much excitement, she tries to make the best of her .
             Sundays by spending time in a nearby park. She really looks forward to these days, even though.
             her visits are simply spent observing others and eavesdropping on their conversations. "She had.
             become really quite expert, she thought, at listening as though she didn't listen, at sitting in other.
             people's lives just for a minute while they talked round her." (p. ) However, while it does.
             seem Miss Brill's visits to the park are for mere enjoyment, it becomes clear that they also serve a.
             greater purpose - a way to escape her desolate life.
             Miss Brill does not appear to have anyone in her life who she can call a companion or a.
             true friend, considering the only people she interacts with are simply referred to as "her English.
             pupils." (p.267) She tends to take notice of couples in particular during her weekly observations.
             at the park, which makes it seem as though she too is seeking a confidant, one that will help her.
             elude her life of loneliness. Miss Brill first observes an old couple that is seated beside her on a.
             bench and then thinks back to the previous Sunday when she had watched another elderly pair.
             argue about the wife's apparent need for spectacles. She also notices a pair of young couples.
             walking in the park who are quite obviously in love and infatuated with one another. "Two young.
             girls in red came by and two young soldiers in blue met them, and they laughed and paired and.
             went off arm-in-arm." (p. ) The fact that she notices the couples in the park makes it.
             apparent that she wants to have someone in her life whom she can love and spend time with, just.
             like those she had seen in the park. By seeing all of these lovers and married couples in the park,.

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