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Christina Rossetti

             All About Christina Rossetti.
             During Rossetti's time women faced disadvantages as women artist. Through hard work and going through years of continues illness have effect her way of thinking. Also through those years have helped her wrote many beautiful poems.
             The fourth and youngest child, Christina Rossetti was born in London on December 3, 1830. Her father was the poet Gabriele Rossetti (1783-1854), professor of Italian at King's College from 1831. Christina was educated at home by her mother, Frances Polidori, a former governess. Christina's parents greatly influenced through her childhood. The Rossetti family moved and lived in Italy cause Gabriel Rossetti had to flee the country of how he expressed liberal opinions through his poems. Though Christina grew up in England, her Italian heritage remained an important influence throughout her life.
             Christina demonstrated her poetic gifts early by writing sonnels in competition with her brothers William Michael and Dante Gabriele (Harris 554).
             At age 5, she composed her first couplet, and from 12 onward she was making verses. In 1847, Christina's grandfather Polidori collected the best of her early poems and printed a small volume of them at his private press. During the nine years from 1843 to 1852 Christina was frequently ill with angina, and then tuberculosis. These serious illnesses had great affect in her outlook on life and her poetry. .
             In the 1860, Rossetti saved for a long time at the House of Charity, an organization in Highgate working with prostitutes and unwed mothers. .
             (LaBlanc 33). Christina get her poems out for publication in 1861 with the help and encouragement of Dante Gabriel. The book was called Goblin Market and was published in 1862. The Goblin Market , the first success achieved by the Pre-Raphaelite. (Scott 248) There a second volume, The Prince's Progress, which appeared in 1866 were also a great success.

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