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Essay for Bhutan

            Travel Facts for Going to Bhutan, the Last Shangri-La.
             So you want to go to Bhutan? Do you know where it is located? What language they speak? Do you know everything you would want to know about Bhutan? You will in a matter of minutes.
             The country of the Bhutanese people is a land-locked country meaning there is no water. Bhutan holds 47,000 square kilometers of ever-changing lands, from the cold icy peaks of the Himalayas to the dense wet rainforests, and almost everything in between.
             The official religion of the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" is Drukpa Kagyu. The Bhutanese people have annual festivals that bring together the people, and are dedicated to the protective deities. Flags for prayer lay on the hillside so that a constant communicated to the heavens in maintained. Pretty much the entire population of Bhutan wears traditional clothing.
             The climate of Bhutan is changing from place to place. Like I said before, it spreads from the tropical forests to the snow capped peaks. The best time to visit Bhutan would be the spring and fall. What to bring would be rain gear, many layers, good walking shoes or hiking boots, even if you"re not hiking, a hat or cap, and a good pair of sunglasses. Warm clothes are much needed for the evening as well.
             The current population is 750,000 with a density of about 11 people per square kilometer throughout all of Bhutan.
             Now, with all this different type of land around you, how do you move around the country? Well, by motor vehicles of course, but only on the two main roads, the top speed is about 40kmph though. Throughout the rest of Bhutan, you would have to hike or go by a horse, camel, etc. .
             The main language in Bhutan is Dzongkha. The most common greeting to one and another is "Kuzuzangpo," which means, "Is your body well?" This shows that Bhutanese people care about their body, and are more spiritual than most.
             The way Bhutanese people spend their free time is by practicing their archery skills.

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