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Rose Boys

            The Rose Boys deals with a family that is both ordinary and Remarkable.
             Rose boys are the agonising story of Robert Roses translation from a quintessentially Australian sporting life of brilliance, promise and hedonistic physicality to the confined and crippled world of quadriplegic. This metamorphosis occurs as so many of them do in a few tangled, metallic-rushing moments. More broadly Rose boys is the wrenching, stunning account of a family living for about a quarter of a century in the sometimes tightening, sometimes loosening but never absent grip of catastrophe. Peter Rose goes in depth to prove to us that "Rose Boys" deals with a family that is both ordinary and remarkable this also can be shown by the events that occur throughout this biography. .
             At 22 Robert Rose faced a rare choice. He could devote his talents to cricket with every prospect among the best of his generation or he could take the path his father had made, to the top of Australian Rules football, and then on a country road late at night driving with team-mate Robert bird, they get involved in a serious car crash leaving Robert Rose to became a quadriplegic. Before the accident, during their adolescent times Peter and Robert loved playing sport together. Both of them were very competitive in achieving their best in cricket and football. This accident forced Robert to never walk again devastating his whole family and friends. Their life began to change rapidly as they were not use to hearing the news. Minutes after Roberts's terrible tragedy he was sent to the Austin Hospital, In need of treatment. Months after the accident Peter Rose decided to take full responsibility of his brother. He made his life less miserable and a lot easier. The rose boys devoted some of their life to Robert to show him that he has a lot of support and to keep his mind of the pain. One day Peter Rose discusses in his biography that most of his time was devoted to his brother.

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