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My Brother Gary Gilmore

            "My Brother, Gary Gilmore", written by Mikhal Gilmore.
             We have all heard about the things Gary Gilmore has done to people to change their life and to ruin it in some instances. Unfortunately he didn't have to live with his sins haunting him for the rest of his life. He got to be freed by way of death penalty. His brother didn't have the same fortune in his life. In this story Gary Gilmore's brother Mikhal Gilmore tells about the way he grew up and how he had to pay for the mistakes his brother made, and what he did to escape the fate that captured his brother.
             The author tells this story from a first person point of view. He speaks about stories" in the past from his perspective to help see him as more of a victim for having to live with his brother. It helps you see that when something like this does happen we automatically shut off the people around someone we don't like just because they are associated with someone we feel negatively towards. In this case Mikhal did not make the choice to be associated with his brother he was born into it and had no control over it. In the storey, Mikhal uses small things that his brother did to show us that he wasn't the complete monster that people think he was, but that Gary did have some good qualities about him, and was not the completely insane person people considered him to be. .
             This story makes me feel sorry for the author in more ways than one. I feel sorry for him that it was his fate to be the brother of Gary Gilmore. I feel sorry that he paid for stuff that his brother did and that he had no part of. I would like to ask the author what kept him going through the hard times? What kept him from giving into temptation that didn't keep his brother from giving in? Did he ever have any urges to do any of the things his brother did? Most of all I would like to sit down with him and learn about the ways that he escaped the fate that caught his brother and did he ever have any guilt for leaving his family in search of a better life? .

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