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            Sohail Shah, a thirty year old male clerk at the 7-Eleven located on Barbur Blvd. near Jackson Middle School, has been in the United States for four years. He moved here with his wife and two children to "escape punishment". Sohail claims he was in the secret police protecting the president when many governmental changes were made. Many of his co-workers were put in jail for many years for reasons he would not openly discuss. He has to work two jobs because his wife does not work. According to Mr. Shah, she will never work. In Pakistan, women are to stay home and raise children. .
             Sohail observes the holy month of fasting called Ramadan. "It is a time of renewell, of replenishing one's spirit," Sohail proclaims. This is observed during the ninth month of the Islamic year and is ordained by the Koran, the Islam holy book. The fasting begins every morning at dawn and ends immediately at sunset. Muslims cannot eat, drink or smoke at all. In the evening, regular activities resume. The Islam driven culture of Pakistan shapes everyday life. Each day, all Muslims pray five times. The first is before sunrise, the second around noon, the third in the late afternoon, the fourth immediately after sunset, and the fifth before retiring and before midnight. They face the Kaaba, which is a small box in Mecca. No matter where a Muslim is, he will pause, face the East, and pray when it is time. When Sohail lived in Pakistan, he lived in a house with his whole family. .
             As an adult, he lived with his parents and siblings as well as his wife and children. The house was large enough to accommodate over fourteen people. All the women stayed home to keep up the house and prepare meals. If the women were to go to the market, they would completely cover themselves except for their eyes. Women were not to be seen in public without covers. Also, the wives wait for their husbands to come home before eating. "The Koran approves of polygamy, allowing up to four wives.

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