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            A hurricane is an intense storm born over tropical waters, with top wind speeds exceeding 64 knots which converted is about 74 MPH. Hurricanes usually form over the warm Northern Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific Oceans. In different places in the world a hurricane is sometimes referred to by another name. In the Western North Pacific, this type of storm would be called a typhoon. In the Philippines this type of storm would be called a baguio, and in India they call them a typhoon. Hurricanes aren't the biggest most violent storms but the adverse effects it can have on communities is very large. .
             A hurricane can produce very much power. For instance one day's energy production of a hurricane can provide power to the U.S. for 6 months. From high up in the atmosphere satellites track these hurricane storms by radar. On radar, hurricanes show circles and spirals rotating around. These satellites are some 23 miles up in space so these storms have to be big to be detected. Satellites images enable weather observers to be able to tell when a hurricane will hit land.
             There are many characteristics of a hurricane. Hurricanes are very large and it is not uncommon to see hurricanes as big as 500km, which is the average for a typical hurricane. The area in the center of the hurricane is called the eye. Within the eye winds are light and there is very little activity going on. There is no precipitation and the clouds are mainly broken. The surface air pressure is also very low. Adjacent to the eye is the eye wall. The eye wall is characterized by intense thunderstorms that whirl around the storm's center. The eye wall has the heaviest precipitation and the strongest winds. .
             Hurricanes form over tropical waters where the winds are generally light and the humidity high. The surface water temperature is also warm, typically 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The storm starts to form when the surface winds converge along the Intertropical convergence zone.

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