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artist psyche

            Art has been present since the begging of mankind, from cave drawings to the present. Man has been trying to define art and separate non-art perhaps from its origins. Over time, many great philosophers have had lots to say about art, such as Freud, father of psychoanalysis. Which believed that the creation of art was deeply related to the mind of the artist. Sigmoid Freud's theory of art focused around a central theme of motivation to create. His understanding of art was based on the artist psyche and reason for shaping his medium into its final form.
             One of the tasks of personality psychology is to explain the behavior of individual human beings. Vincent Van Gogh, for example was said to be a mad man. He used his art to escape harsh realm of reality. Though psychoanalysis I think we could understand very well what Van Gogh is feeling though his paintings. In Van Gogh Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear, we could the see the overwhelming spells of loneliness, pain, and emotional collapse. This painting was done two weeks after Van gogh cut off his ear after a disastrous quarrel with Gaugin. We could say from this painting that Van gogh was a suffeting genius who gave himself totally to his art. .
             Through analyzing several works of art, I believe we can better understand the concept of art. I Also believe that art is art is deeply tied to the expression of emotions and we see what the artist sees and we feel what the artist feels.

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