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the berlin wall

             The Freedom Fighter is a movie based on the harsh realities of the Berlin Wall. It deals with an American soldier whose girlfriend is stuck in the eastern side of Berlin. Many tried to escape but over a hundred people died at the Berlin Wall.
             Victor Ross is the American Soldier in the Western part of Berlin during the wall was being erected. He falls in love with an East Berliner, Ana Menz. Victor Ross Believes in Freedom and tries to do the right thing while in West Berlin. He tries to get Ana out of East Berlin.
             Ana Menz is an East German girl who feels trapped in a cage and is torn between her family and Victor Ross. She also is kept inside of Eastern Berlin with help of Karl Pressler. She dislikes the wall and most of all Karl Pressler.
             Karl Pressler is completely brainwashed by Communism. Karl also likes Ana, and does everything in his power to keep Ana inside the Eastern part of Berlin. He can't stand seeing Ana with Victor Ross.
             The Berlin Wall in my mind was the last show of force by the Communists in Europe. It didn't just separate East Germany West Germany but also drew a line in the minds of Western Berliners with Eastern Berliners. It tore apart families and took away their freedom. .
             The Russians were behind it all in East Germany; communism, the Berlin Wall, training soldiers, and stopping riot. The Russians, or known as The Soviet Union in that time, got East Germany and many other countries at the end of World War II.
             The Berlin Wall was a symbol for the Cold War Era. The Americans could not intervene directly because of the threat of Nuclear War. The American people were petrified with the threat of Nuclear War.
             During the parting of East and Western Germany I would have not tried to escape to the western part of Germany. I would have known that the wall wouldn't have stayed there for long. The people who did escape were too anxious to leave. I would have waited to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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