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Billy Wright

            To many the name Billy Wright is not a pleasant memory, a terrorist who struck fear into most Catholics who got in his way. However to the surprise of many people he was a very holy man, as Kenny Mc Clinton (a once time loyalist killer who found religion in prison) said, "Wright was torn between his devotion to God and his duty to Northern Ireland.".
             Wright though as himself not as a murderer but as a protector and, if killed a martyr. The tabloids dubbed Wright "King Rat" for his murders across mid-Ulster, however little of this was ever proved but it is agreed that Wright did kill people, it is just unproved.
             Wright was born in Wolverhampton, central England in 1960, his father an Irishman who moved to England to find work. In 1964 his parents separated, and Wright went to Northern Ireland and was brought up in Mountnorris, a protestant village by foster parents. He remembers being taught at school all about English wrongs in Ireland .He was brought up a Presbyterian however he had a lot of Catholic friends. At a young age he wasn't anti Irish as he enjoyed playing GAA.
             Then thing started to go bad after a juvenile prank; by painting UVF on a wall he moved to Portadiwn and joined the local youth group. In the same year Wright was arrested for having a firearm and got 6 years imprisonment. Political status had just been removed from prisons and Wright took part in the "Dirty Protest". He was then let out after 3 years; he briefly moved to Scotland but was shortly arrested for antiterrorist actions and was severed with an exclusion order.
             Wright then became interested in the Bible and toured the countryside preaching. He was confused on between his believes in God and his duty to Northern Ireland. Wright then started campaigning and this is when the media gave him the name "King Rat". However Wright still believed that he should keep fighting for Northern Ireland and this is what brought him to jail.

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