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powerplay (Julius Caesar)

            This is an essay on powerplay written only about Julius Caesar. Suggestion for other related material is "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. Very very good in terms of powerplay. Here's the essay on J.C .
             Powerplay can be defined as having the ability to control and influence others, through manipulation and also through other techniques used either by the individual or the group, who struggle to hold and maintain the power. Powerplay is portrayed in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
             Julius Caesar is a play written by Sir William Shakespeare, which successfully depicts the powerplay within nature and individual. The play is all about Julius Caesar who is betrayed by the conspirators who withhold power over hium in many ways, and try to overtake the power Caesar had over Rome, by killing Caesar. In the end, Antony overrides the power of the conspirators. .
             Powerplay through nature is emphasized when the conspirators plan on the death of Caesar. The nature during this scene plays a major role, as it turns bad. During the times of Caesar, bad weather is considered as a bad omen for bad events. Shakespeare juxtaposes the chaos of Rome during the uprising of the conspirators to the chaos of nature. "I have seen tempests when the scolding winds swell and rage and foam" This quote reinforces the natural occurrence, showing evidence of nature in which the wind is reffered to as hot whereas, winds is usually cool. Swell and rage imply on the power growing along with the weather. .
             Powerplay within individuals is also used to illustrate power. Although the conspirators were successful in killing Caesar and convincing the plebian, that it was for the good of Rome. Mark Antony's speech provides the people with reality and changes the situation. Antony's powerplay allows the people to see the truth through manipulation. He is obliged to make a speech about Caesar and was not allowed to blame the conspirators for his death.

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