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"College education ia a good i

            College Education is a Good Investment.
             I believe that college education is a good investment of time and money. Some people could say that it takes too much time and cost too much money, but I will show that the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. .
             People attend college and university for several reasons-each differing from individual to individual. Most often people attend college as a preparation to their life ahead.
             Students in colleges and universities are faced with situations during college life, they are likely to encounter later on; at various stages of their lives. Most colleges, for example, offer student employment opportunities which involve, probably, an interview or an examination of his abilities. He is likely to be faced with a similar situation while seeking a job in the future.
             As most students look upon college as an avenue for independence, it also gives along with the freedom, a sense of responsibility. The fulfillment of which makes an individual respected, not only by others but also by himself. One would regard self-respect as an essential factor in life in all its totality.
             Most college students function on a limited budget. Living within a budget, might be alien to some, if not most students. They are faced with crucial financial decisions, which often act as a mirror to future decisions.
             Students also attend college and university in order to prepare themselves for the careers they have chosen. A person chooses a college major keeping in mind not only his interests but also his career. Specific college majors prepare students for specific careers. They form a firm foundation for that career to be built on.
             People attend college and university for many reasons. In my opinion the most common and important is to experience college as a metaphor to life; and also to gain knowledge that would aid them in their respective careers.

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