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the era of good feelings

             What is the Era of Good Feelings? In greater detail, this era was a time of peace, prosperity, and liberty. This era came right after the War of 1812, which was a war that was in some ways a fight for America's second independence. The War of 1812 left the United Sates and strengthened the unity of the new nation. It brought together the northern, southern, and western regions. It was a time for nationalism and civil disorder was very rare.2.
             To be more specific, the Treaty of Ghent, which secured United States" maritime rights and peace around Europe and the Americas, was signed on December 24, 1814. after the end of the war of 1812. The British had wanted the neutral Indian buffer states that were located in the northwest of America. They also had wanted to change the American-Canadian boundary. .
             So, after this was over, the new nation was free to develop into a greater nation without the Europeans trying to butt in and control the American's decisions and restrict them from making their own decisions. The treaties that were signed with the British and Spanish during the post-war of 1812 time allowed America's borders and their shores to be safe and secured. During the Era of Good Feelings, the Jeffersonian balance between individual liberty and responsible government seemed to have been reached. The period of Monroe's presidency was a time for the United States to develop economically. In order for the nation to become wealthy, the government had to issue tariffs and increase .
             the price of western land. They also were in need of a national bank. The issues of the war promoted nationalism.
             Before the era of good feelings, there was much rivalry between the political parties. The Federalist ideas and the Democratic-Republican's ideas clashed. But there was an even that ended this fight. The Federalist party was condemned for holding a convention in Hartford. This is known as the Hartford Convention.

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