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the dredfull yellow wallpaper

             The theme of "The Yellow Wallpaper" is the narrator's .
             sickness towards the yellow patterned wallpaper. In reality the .
             sight of yellow wallpaper frightens her. John (the narrator's .
             physician husband) has diagnosed her with a nervous depression. .
             The narrator tells her story through first person point of view. .
             The color yellow is "repellent, almost revolting" a symbol of .
             hatred to the narrator; rather too most people it symbolizes the .
             sun, or happy thoughts (706). In "The Yellow Wallpaper" the .
             theme is developed through the use of a first person point of .
             view, and by the use of symbolism.
             The narrator tells the story through a first person point .
             of view. By using the first person point of view the reader .
             understands the feelings and thoughts of the narrator her self. .
             Also we know exactly what makes her sick (the color yellow). .
             She explains that her sickness is not a nervous depression; it .
             is hatred towards the yellow pattern wallpaper. She states that .
             writing helps her get through her days. Writing also makes her .
             tired, which to John is not a good thing. John, in fact, .
             Reardon 2.
             believes it is writing that is not good for her, so he insist .
             that she no longer write. .
             The narrator develops a sense that a woman lives in the .
             yellow wallpaper. She explains that the woman creeps around in .
             the day. Only she can see this woman, but one can only look and .
             wonder how can one person can see or think that such a thing .
             could be correct. This is another instant where the yellow .
             wallpaper bothers her and makes her sick.
             Writing is what makes the narrator tired. John feels that .
             it has no effect on her sleeping. She states "I did write for a .
             while in spite of them: it does exhaust me a great deal" (705). .
             She worries to much about impressing John. The narrator says .
             "so I take pains to control myself-before him, at least, and .
             that makes me very tired" (705). This concludes that both .
             writing and trying to make John happy tires to sleep.

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