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Laci Peterson: The Real Story

             On December 24, 2002, shortly before six o"clock in the evening, Laci Denise Peterson was reported missing. She was last seen while walking her dog, Mckenzie, in East La Loma Park in the town of Modesto, California. Scott Peterson, Laci's husband, phoned Laci's parents soon after he returned from a short fishing trip he had taken to Berkeley that day. He informed them that Laci was not home and questioned them of her whereabouts. She was reported missing. Laci and her unborn son Conner continued to be missing for several months. They were found dead and significantly decomposed on May 28, 2003 in the East Bay Area of Modesto, California. There are several questions that are posed to the nation during this time of turmoil. What role does Scott Peterson play in this case? Why would Laci Peterson, his wife, be the target? Where is the case at this point in time? The Laci Peterson case has had a long journey up until this point in time. .
             Scott Peterson, a fertilizer salesman, was seen on December 24, 2002 driving a truck with a boat hooked up to it. The boat appeared to have no visible fishing equipment inside it. According to the Modesto Bee, Modesto's daily newspaper, Connie Fleeman claims to have seen a green toolbox with "something hanging out of it". She confirmed that a gray and white blanket was seen. As many of Scott's relatives and friends know, he was known to take fishing trips on his own; therefore, this did not occur as odd. The one detail of this day that is odd is that Christmas Eve would be thought to be a very hectic day for families. Why would he be taking a fishing trip on a day that he knew he would need to be getting back soon? Many thought and still think that he is the prime suspect in this case. The bodies were discovered in the same area were he claimed to be fishing on Christmas Eve.
             On May 28, 2003, the day the bodies of Laci and Conner Peterson were found, there was a piece of nylon taped wrapped around Conner Peterson's neck, and a laceration on his tiny body.

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