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Crime Law

            Basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant was arrested for sexual assualt. All of this happens becuase of the second principle is called the due process model becuase of its emphasis on individual rights. Due process is a central and necessary part of the American criminal justice. It requires a careful and informed consideration of the facts of each individual case. Under the model, police are required to recognize the rights of suspects during arrest, questioning, and handling. Prosecutors and judges must recognize constitutional and other guarantees during trial and presentation of evidence. Due process is intended to ensure that innocent people are not convicted of any crime. Up until now, we have suggested that the dual goals of crime control and due process are in constant and unavoidable opposition to one another. Some critics of American criminal justice have argued that the practice of justice is too often concerned with crime control at the expense of due process. Other conservative analysts of the American scene maintain that our type of justice coddles offenders and does too little to protect the innocent. While it is impossible to avoid ideological conflicts like these, it is also realistic to think of the American system of justice as representative of crime control through due process that is, as a system of social control that is fair to those whom it processes. This model of law enforcement, infused with the recognition of individual rights, provides a workable conceptual framework for understanding the American system of criminal justice, both now and in the future.

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