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Carpe Diem

            The phrase carpe diem has enlightened writers, thinkers, and ordinary people of both the past.
             and present to interpret the meaning fully and completely understand what seizing the day.
             actually stands for and what it is composed of. Many illustrations of carpe diem surround and.
             influence the lives of many people who search for countless chances, missed opportunities, and.
             the numerous realities that life offers. Interpretations on the theme of carpe diem are apparent.
             between the conflicting movie, Dead Poets Society, and several seventeenth century poems. .
             While the fates determined by believing in carpe diem differ in the movie and works, the.
             similarities of the theme are noticeable in the ideas of pursuing dreams and conquering what.
             might seem impossible.
             The realization of not having accomplished anything fulfilling and meaningful in life is.
             expressed in the poem "On His Having Arrived at the Age of Twenty-Three". In it, John.
             Milton acknowledges the fact that "My hasting days fly on with full career./ But my late spring.
             no bud or blossom showeth" (3-4). Throughout his twenty three years of life, he laments on.
             not having a significant achievement to show for. He recognizes that looks and appearances.
             are deceitful and hide truths from what people tend to believe. Aware of this situation, Milton.
             delivers the theme of carpe diem in a sense of faith. The appearance that he wishes to achieve.
             will soon mature and grow into the goals that are accepted by God. All he needs is to be.
             patient and take what life offers. This comprehension of understanding the course of life.
             differs in the manner in which Neil Perry chooses to live his life in Dead Poets Society. Living.
             in the eyes of his father, Neil ignores his own beliefs and ideas in order to please and satisfy his.
             father's desires of a promising future. His will and want to overcome his father's plans is.
             recognized as he quotes a famous poet and says "I wanted to live deep and suck out all the.

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