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Handguns and Homicide

             Did you know that the risk of homicide is twice as high for individuals with a family history of registered handgun purchase than for those who have not purchased a handgun? Handguns and homicide effect many lives and go hand and hand. In majority, people who acquire handguns do so in hopes of defending themselves and their loved ones, this often ends tragically. .
             Sonya Barnes ex-husband purchased her handgun for self-defense for when he was frequently out of town. When her two year old son found handgun and mistakenly fired into the back of his fourteen month old brother, leaving him paraplegic. .
             Even though the second amendment protects Americans right to bear arms I believe that handguns should not be owned by civilians only by military and law enforcement. Most handguns bought in the hope of self defense ends up in an opposite response by harming others or themselves. Three thousand seven hundred and ninety two children and teens were killed by gunfire, nearly ten lives every day, one in every two and a half hours. Sonya Barnes fourteen month old son was lucky to have not been one of these deaths. .
             In my opinion, the Second Amendment is the most misinterpreted founding document which applies to a United States citizen right to own a firearm this understanding of the amendment is not accurate a well regulated militia and not individual have the right to bear arms. The National Rifle Association claims that the Second Amendment states "A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"" but by today's standards our well regulated militia is formed by the National Guard. .
             Opposing sides show that handguns can be effective and not effective. Gary Kleck a Florida State University criminology professor states that millions of people are saved every year by handguns. Arthur Kellerman director at the Emory University Schools of Public health in Atlanta states that his studies shows that a handgun in the home are 43 times more likely to kill a family member or friend in their home rather than a intruder.

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