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To Kill a Mockingbird: Novel v

             In the story To Kill a Mockingbird, various differences can be noticed between the novel and the film. The important differences are evident mainly in the first part of the story. This is revealed throughout the novel at some point or the other, but is .
             expressed more throughout the film. As a result of the dissimilarities between the Part1 of the novel and the start of the movie, I chose to compare and contrast using the point-to-point method, which will make notice to the major differences.
             In the beginning of the movie, Scout is playing outside when her brother, Jem, joins her along with Dill; he is a friend of theirs who is about to leave for the school year and returns in the summer. The three of them begin talking about Mr. and Mrs. Radley, their crazed son, Boo Radley, and how they keep him home on chains because of his maniacal tendencies. So, Jem decides to put Scout in an old tire and push her down the road in front of the Radley family home while Dill watches. In the beginning of the novel, chapter 1, a brief introduction of the Finch family is given by Scout. This family includes Simon Finch, the rich grandfather that died; one of his sons, Atticus, who studied law and is the father of Jem and Scout; the other son that studied medicine, but was not named or mentioned later in the story; and Alexandria, the daughter who stayed with Mr. Simon Finch on "Finch's Landing." So, the difference between the film and the novel is that the part with Scout, Jem, Dill, and the tire did not actually happen in the novel until chapter 4; the film did not ever introduce the Finch family. .
             Also, the film shows how that same night Jem, Dill, and Scout sneaks over to the Radley home. They want to get a good look at Boo Radley, so Jem crawls on the porch and tries to look through a window. While he is struggling to get a view of Boo, they all see a shadow of a man on the side of the house.

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