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Things Fall Apart part 2 and 3

             In Parts two and three, Okonkwo had just been exiled, from his clan for accidentally shooting and killing another member of the clan when they were having a "funeral ceremony". So when part two starts out he has just gotten to his mothers clan and his uncle and his family welcomed Okonkwo with open arms. His uncle, Uchendu donated Okonkwo some ground to build his compound as well as two pieces of land on which to farm with. His uncle's five sons each gave Okonkwo three hundred seed yams to plant, so for having just been exiled from his clan Okonkwo was starting off pretty well. Unfortunately Okonkwo was not acting very grateful for his uncle's help and support and was spending most of his time feeling sorry for himself when he wasn't working. His uncle called meeting and gave Okonkwo some great advice. He told him to stop feeling like he was the greatest sufferer in the world and to start trying to make things better for himself and his family. Obeirka, Okonkwo's friend from Umuofia, came to visit and brought Okonkwo the money he got from selling his yams, because he felt Okonkwo might need it, he also told the news that one of the other clans of the Ibo people had been wiped out by white men. Soon after Obierka left, whit men came to Mbanta, they had missionaries with them and started spreading and teaching a new religion. Okonkwo's son, Nwoye, became fascinated with this religion and ran off to join them after a fight with his father. The missionaries go on to Umuofia and spread the religion there.
             Finally Okonkwo's seven years of exile were over and he went back to Umuofia and began to start all over again. Unfortunately much had changed in that time and things would never be the same again. There began a lot of disputes between the Ibo people and the Christians and they began to fight. Europeans came and tries to set up a new form of government to keep them under control and they selected six men to come to negotiate a sort of treaty, Okonkwo being one of these men.

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