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The Foil Character

             Literature was invented to pose questions to society and to greaten our knowledge about the world. "The Sun Also Rises,"" by Ernest Hemingway, does not pose any questions at the beginning of the novel. It starts as a story about the Lost Generation and their lives, but no questions. One of the characters, Pedro Romero, is introduced later in the story, and is not part of the Lost Generation. He helps pose the questions. Hemingway makes him do this by being the foil to the story, "a character whose attitudes or emotions contrast with, and thereby accentuate, those of another character-(Sparknotes). Pedro Romero is the extreme opposite of all the other characters, he makes us step back and ask why those characters are the way they are.
             One of Pedro's extremes is his naivete. He is very nave of Brett's love that she has for him. He thinks of it as true love, whereas Brett considers it another one of her flings. Pedro is nave to this and becomes so in love with her that he considers marrying her. "Nothing to tell. He only left yesterday. I made him go Why?.Idont know. It isn't the sort of thing one does. I don't think I hurt him any- (245). Even though Pedro loved Brett, Brett didn't care. She only saw him as another fling and wanted to get rid of him. Pedro was nave of this, at the end he even asked Brett to marry him. "No. It wasn't that. He really wanted to marry me. So I couldn't go away from him, he said. He wanted to make sure I could never go away from him-(246). Hemingway makes Pedro so nave to show that none of the other characters from the Lost Generation are. They know that Pedro is just another fling to Brett, just as all of the other men are. .
             Although Pedro was nave to love and Brett, he was brave in the ring. Pedro shows the most amount of courage out of all the characters in "The Sun Also Rises."" Pedro while quiet and shy when not fighting stands out in the bullring.

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