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British and German stability w

            When comparing the two nations of Great Britain and Germany, there is no arguing that democracy within the United Kingdom rests on a much stronger foundation, than that of Germany. Germany is far behind Britain in its ability to implement and hold democratic and similar political structures for extended periods. The social and economic contexts of the United Kingdom are stronger, the political culture is more cohesive, economic consistency and legitimacy favor the United Kingdom and historical legacies favor Great Britain, who has had past successes, rather than Germany, who has had utter failures. .
             The first of these points that can be discussed is the nature of each nation's political culture and the individuals who make up that culture. The question of a stable democracy can at times be a question of the caliber of citizenry within the democracy, and when examining this one can begin to notice certain trends within the political commitment and trust of the government within the populous. .
             If there is a lack of political commitment or trust within the populous of the government, then there will be innate problems that might not be able to be overcome easily. .
             Within the Lipset article we read, he talks about the inherent need for a supportive culture within successful democracies. It is impossible for the state to be democratic if those within it do not support it. There has to be a certain level of commitment to the democracy and its accompanying institutions, along with a general trust in the state to act in accordance with the democratic proceedings set into place.
             In 1998, Britain was polled and 57 percent of the people admitted to their trust of the state. They may disagree with some of the political arena, but they trust it enough to follow Parliament and abide by its rules. .
             Germany on the other hand, orientates themselves away from the political system, more than the Britons do.

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