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Withering Heights

            Film "Withering Heights" has changed original work a lot, it is not enough to substantiate and energetic, so my comment relies mainly on original work.
             Read "Withering Heights" for the first time, think that Hess and Cliff is really the devil's incarnation, he hates destroying two manors and two generations of persons privately for a own one: Purchase Withering Heights, insult Handle; Entice Lin Dun's younger sister, torment after marrying; He and Lin Dun's younger sister's Xiao Lin of child has been weak and sickly since the childhood earnestly, grow up under his despotic power, Selfish and cowardly; Catherine, and daughter of Dun Lin little Catherine originally artless and vivacious, marry little Lin become cold and detached and of few wordsly earnestly, Never any illusion of newspaper to bright life. But review "Withering Heights", find that Hess and Cliff is really a pitiful person; He roamed about and connected while as a child, suffered all kinds of and follow one's power or setback, acquainted the cruel heart and stubborn temper in training; Catherine's father adopts him, but has not made the situation change, hates Handle to demote and to carriage, order people about by gesture him at father; And the only love that make him gratified, the ones that love him are triumphant deeply Plucked instrument Lin is married and does others women too. Then, when his heart is unable to bear the weight of too much load again, the ones that have accumulated for many years hated and broke out with the grievance at last, He wants to retaliate, retaliate against! He wants injure people of him go through agony and torment, he want make receive in the past bitter to return to them! Then, there is a tragedy above. However, the more sad one is, he has not only got from retaliating against happily, More painful instead. He has even injured Catherine, who he loves most, certainly there is he.

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