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            Something in the book that I didn't like was when Mr. Sir wouldn't fill Stanley's canteen with water. What had happened was that one of the boys had stole Mr. Sirs sunflower seeds and he found the bag of seeds in Stanley's hole so Stanley said that he had taken the seeds. So Mr. Sir went to the warden and told her and she didn't think that was a good enough reason that he had to disturb her. So she had taken her nail polish that had rattlesnake venom in it and sliced his face with it. Mr. Sir had bad side effects from the nail polish so he got mad at Stanley. When the effects of the nail polish were finished in him he was very mad at Stanley because she did that to him. Since he blamed Stanley for it when he was bringing the kids water he wouldn't fill Stanley's canteen with water and just poured it on the ground. I didn't think that was right for Mr. Sir to do that to Stanley because it wasn't even his fault in the first place and second of all it was his fault that it was such a big deal that his seeds were stolen. So he should have still filled his canteen because if it were him out there in the desert digging holes all day he would want water and he shouldn't have done it for as long as he did. So that is the thing in the book that I didn't think was right to do. .
             I read the book Holes by Louis Sachar. This book was about a kid named Stanley Yelnats who was accused and tried of stealing a pair of Clyde Livingston sneakers from a homeless shelter. Once he lost the trial, he had to choose between going to jail, or to Camp Green Lake. He chose Camp Green Lake. There is no lake at Camp Green Lake, it has been dry for over one hundred years, and as punishment, the boys must each dig a hole five feet deep, and five feet across. The warden claims that this digging builds up character, but that's a lie. Stanley must prove the truth. .
             The main character is Stanley Yelnats. One problem that Stanley faces in this book is that a curse has been set on his family for generations of bad luck due to his great great grandfather.

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