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             Kelli Kohler, my seventh and eighth grade music teacher. The first day of seventh grade will be forever engraved into my memory. I vividly remember sitting in our small, stuffy music room, anxiously waiting the arrival of our new teacher. The class grew restless and rowdy without adult supervision, and I watched my friends yell to each other across the room, laughing and teasing, not appearing to be nervous at all. I anxiously waited rocking back and forward in my metal chair, contemplating what this new woman would be like. Music had always been my life and a new teacher shook the world around me. Before this day, Sharon Grade School had employed six previous music teachers, all of which had been crotchety old women who only yelled at us because they had no where better to be at the time.
             My thoughts were broken when the door screeched open. Silence filled the room. My attention was completely focused on the doorway, along with the rest of my choir. Steadily, a young woman confidently strode into our room. As she walked towards us, my breath caught in my throat. She had to be an illusion. I distantly remember thinking that my eyes must have been playing tricks on me. This woman was young and beautiful, far from any of .
             my previous instructors. She looked to be in her early twenties, and carried herself like a woman fresh out of college. As she walked to the head of the class, her stylish high heals clicked against the shining linoleum. The sound encouraged the class to exchange curious glances and softened whispers. Softly, she apologized for her tardiness and began to define herself to the class.***(right here you need to say what she said to the class) She then stopped, and opened the discussion to the class, allowing us to ask her anything and everything imaginable. There was something about the way she laughed and smiled that amazed me. Perhaps it was the way her presence and personality lit up the room, or the way her stories made the whole room roll with laughter.

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