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The Truth Behind the Myths

             "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown is a well researched novel written about the facts of Leonardo Da Vinci and the truth behind his paintings in reference to the Holy Grail. The secret society called The Priory of Sion is explained and linked to many prominent people in our history. Being that the facts contained in this book are true, my knowledge of Da Vinci and my church has been completely undermined. It is not necessarily bad having my beliefs undermined. I still believe what I always have; I just have something to think about. The two main areas of this book that caught my interest the most were the explanations of Leonardo's art work, and the Catholic Church cover up of past history.
             Leonardo Da Vinci's artwork is widely known as some of the most beautiful and skilled ever created. Yet behind all of this allure lie many secrets, not only in the paintings but in the meaning of the paintings as well. Da Vinci "believed that a human soul could not be enlightened unless it had both male and female elements" (120). Due to this belief, the Mona Lisa is androgynous; neither male nor female. The Egyptian god Amon is the God of masculine fertility. His counterpart was the Egyptian goddess of fertility Isis. Her ancient pictogram use to be called L"ISA. When you put them together it spells AMON L"ISA. That is how Da Vinci got the name Mona Lisa, and that little secret is why she's smiling like she knows something. Much more of his artwork contains hidden meanings as well. The Last Supper contains a huge hidden picture. The person seated to the right hand of the Lord is really a female, not a male. She is the Holy Grail, which I will explain later. Her name is Mary Magdalene and she was Jesus" wife. The church defamed her to cover up her secret, yet Da Vinci made it very noticeable who she was and her role. Jesus and Mary's clothes were inverse of each other in colors, which can be explained as like ying and yang.

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