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Trolius and Cressida

             Pandarus is a supportive character in Shakespeare's famous work, Troilus and Cressida. He is the famous whore, Cressida's uncle. He is also the person who introduces Cressida to the Troy Prince, Troilus. He seems to be creating romance in the surface. However, the further I read the play, the more I figure out that Pandarus is actually the procurer who satisfies the sexuality needs from both Troilus and Cressida. In Shakespeare's play, there is nothing as noble and loyal. The surface between the love of Troilus and Cressida may be pure and dignified. The truth is that Cressida is just a whore who is willing to have sex with anyone who asks for it. Pandarus now becomes important in the play because he has the job to introduce his sluttish niece to whomever desires. In addition, he receives credit from those noble men who are satisfied with the prostitute he provides. On the other hand, Pandarus may also be severely hollered for presenting such a whore when those noble men find out the disloyalty of Cressida.
             I break Pandarus' name into Pan- Dar- Us. Pan has seven main definitions: 1. A shallow, wide, open container. 2. A basin or depression in the earths contains mud or water. 3. A freely floating piece of ice breaks off from a large floe. 4. The small cavity in the lock uses to hold powder. 5. A steel drum. 6. The face. 7. Severe criticism. It is also the God of woods and field who has a human torso with goat's leg, horns and ear. Furthermore, Pan is a preface that means involving all of or the union of a specified group. From the definition of Pan, I see Pandarus being severely criticized, and he likes to involve into people's relationship. Being half human and half goat may also indicate Pandarus ability to hook people up, in which he is so dirty that he doesnt even have a complete human form, especially with the horn on his head. .
             If I combine Pan with dar, I find that the word becomes pander, which directly means pimp.

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