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Cause and Effect essay

            Thesis Statement: The majority of Bush's reasoning for war is mostly based upon the actions of Saddam Hussein.
             A few weeks ago President Bush had to make a very difficult decision and declare war on Iraq. Although we don't have the backing totally of the U.N., Bush still chose to go to war. There are several reasons why Bush decided upon the option of war. The majority of Bush's reasoning for war is mostly based upon the actions of Saddam Hussein.
             One of the main reasons we are at war right now is because we believe that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction or banned chemical weapons. Saddam is not allowed to have such weapons because Iraq is looked upon as a terrorist country. We believe that Saddam has not properly destroyed or given up all of his illegal weapons. So we are sent our troops in Iraq in order to find the weapons that we accuse him of having. We believe that he keeps moving the weapons so that the inceptors can not find them. .
             Another defining factor was the evidence that Saddam was supplying Al Queda with large amounts of funding for its terrorist attacks on our country. Although such accusations were denied, there is abundant evidence to prove otherwise. Saddam was also accused of supplying Al Queda with weapons Iraq themselves weren't allowed to have.
             The U.S. is also set out to remove Saddam from power because he is killing innocent citizens of his country daily. His inhumane acts often get him compared to Hitler. Saddam would take his fellow country men and kill them in the streets for everyone to see. He had a machine built that would slice people. If Saddam wanted them to suffer he would throw the person in the machine feet first. If he wanted a quick death the person would be thrown in headfirst. Saddam would also cut a persons tongue out if he was told that person was bad mouthing him leadership. We are trying to free the people of Iraq from the oppression they have suffered under the control of Saddam.

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