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What Goverment does for me.

            The government is a vast and seemingly wonderful group of people who work together to make our lives much, much better, in a way. The government deserves a lot of credit in some areas; they do run a lot of programs and provide for a lot of people. On the other hand they tax us, which can be a mixed blessing, and decide what's best for us in some cases. Either way, we need a government in our lives; they provide us with streets, taxes, jobs, public education, public "necessities" and a set of laws and regulations.
             The government has made our lives easier in many ways. They built and funded most all the roads in America that we all use every day in some way. The people, on the other hand had to pay for these roads and highways out of their own pockets with tax dollars. Most people do not enjoy paying taxes but reap the benefit of them everyday in some form. Tax dollars pay for things I use everyday (roads, mail etc ).
             I feel the government should be involved in my life to an extent. Right now believe the government is intruding in our own lives a little too much. There was a bill trying to be passed called the "Patriot Act" that would allow for, if I remember correctly the right to wire tap and spy on people with out any form of warrant. The Act also called for home invasions with out a warrant if the had probable cause. This was never passed but they are working on it. So do I feel the government should have that much power over us? No, no I do not, that is too extreme and gained some support after 9/11 when it was proposed. I do like most of the things the government has done for its people. They build roads and schools for the masses. On the other hand, the people really do all of that work. We are the ones paying the taxes and building them. But the government gives people those jobs to do all that. The government employs many people to work for them making for a stronger economy and lowering the un-employment rate.

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