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Dispositions on education

             Disposition # 5: Commits to the development of lessons that are interesting and engaging through a variety of instructional strategies to accommodate all learners, including those from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.
             I feel that this disposition will be difficult for me because it requires that the teacher put herself in the shoes of all her students and tailor each lesson plan to fit the individual needs of those students. It is hard enough to come up with lessons that cover all the state standards, much less incorporating many different methods to suit different learning styles. I believe that practice and getting to know the student's needs on a case by case basis will lessen the difficulty of this disposition. Research on the different learning styles and learning disabilities, as well as the variety of backgrounds that your students come from should also help the teacher create lessons that suit everybody. It is very important for each student to feel capable and that their individual needs are being met, and a teacher should do anything in their power to make sure the students feel that way.
             Disposition # 6: Commits to appropriate adaptations and accommodations for students with diverse needs.
             This disposition seems difficult because when it comes to students with learning or physical disabilities, a teacher might mistake what is best for the student and do something that might be bad for the student. Also, students may have troubles at home that the teacher may not know about, and the teacher could misinterpret the student's behavior. Communication early on in the school year could help alleviate these issues. It is crucial that a teacher know her students and their circumstances to effectively teach them.
             Disposition # 8: Commits to collaboration with families in educational decisions; and collaborates with colleagues and community patrons to enrich classroom experiences.

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