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something to talk about

            In the film, "Something to Talk About," there are many different images of women displayed. From previous generations, up to today, women act and are portrayed in many different ways. This film allows the viewer to see women as they are portrayed from many different aspects. .
             The women in this film differ a lot from people like Grace's mother to people on the other side of the spectrum like Grace's sister, Emma Rae. In this film, there are a couple scenes and scenarios where women stand up for themselves and what they believe in. However, most of the time the women in this film are seen as weak and incompetent-the lesser sex.
             The beliefs about what a woman should be and how they should act are very changing throughout the movie and amongst the characters. Grace believes she should stand up for herself, while her mother thinks she should just pretend it did not happen. This shows the difference in generation and time periods. Eventually, however, both women realize that they have to take a stand against what is right and wrong, but even then, their views are still very different. Grace decides she will gradually take Eddie back, while her mother immediately and with really no explanation or an apology allows Riley to come back into her life. This to me shows that women are changing over time; they are not allowing men to "walk all over them" as much.
             One of the other important relationships, besides Grace and her mother, is the relationship between Grace and her sister, Emma Rae. Emma Rae has an important role throughout this film from the beginning to the end. She sticks with Grace and stands up for her no matter what. Whether it is about Eddie or dealing with their father, Emma Rae is always there for Grace. I believe that Emma Rae is the strongest person in this film because not only does she believe that Grace should leave Eddie, but I believe she thinks she shouldn't forgive him either.

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