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             The topic of human nature is a heated one. On one side is the idea that humans are born good, and its society that turns them "evil", relative to their context. Then is the side of humans being born "evil". This seems to be the more accurate scenario. Though the term evil is a harsh, and somewhat vague one. For a more precise description the term self serving will take the place of evil. Humans are animals, and like any animal they are born to survive. As humans came of age on this planet society came about, and laws, and morals were developed. These developments supresed the primal instinct of man as an animal, and was replaced with the conscience of man the citizen. The idea that ones surroundings decide how they are is true, however it is not because they are good, and turn bad due to their nurturing.Contrary to this humans are self serving and will take oppurtunities to gain for themselves, but in this structured society of laws, and the idea of right and wrong which is stated and understood as opposed to percieved and questioned are accepted and those who give into their nature are outed from society. People lie cheat and steal. Not always on a large scale as the accepted criminals, but still the action is proof of the root of human nature. Police, and goverment are merely the constraints developed over time to create power for some. Given the oppourtunity does not the purest person give into to temptation? Certainly the reason may be a just one, but it cannot be denied that act of doing "bad" things are merely human nature. Who can realistically think that without armed police, and overuling powers that society would function as it does now?Without goverment there is anarchy, and in anarchy humans can become fully self serving. When protests, or some large national event occurs, even a positive one what happens? People loot, and steal. And sometimes violence breaks out. Whatever the reason it can be traced to humans natural feeling of wanting to protect themselves, and put food in their mouths.

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