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The Vikings

            Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from? Why did the leave? I will .
             answer these, and other questions about the Vikings in this essay.
             The Vikings were more then just raiders and pillagers; they were also .
             farmers, fisherman, travelers, and explorers. But the most common steriotype that .
             we still have today is that they were the men that went around and warred, and .
             lived in Iceland. While there is a lot of truth to this, there is also some faults and a lot .
             more to it. While raiding cities may have been a quick way to get rich, it was not the .
             only means by which Vikings supported themselves. For a majority of Vikings, the .
             resources they needed to survive didnt come from pillaging, but from the seas and .
             the forests around them. Based on archaeological finds such as sickles, picks, .
             hoes and ploughshares such as the ones that we saw at the musium, we also know .
             the Vikings were skilled craftsmen and farmers.
             The Vikings were also explorers. Their ships were able to navigate shallow .
             rivers and cross oceans. The journies of Norwegian Vikings lead them west to settle .
             in Iceland and still further west to colonize Greenland. They also managed to set up .
             at least one camp in North America, before Cristopher Columbous even came to .
             America in 1492. .
             But like the stereotypes say, they were a warring class, and a rather feared .
             one at that. One paticular class of Vikings, were the beserkers. They were the front .
             line in a battle, and they would take a drug before hand and become hyped-up and .
             then run at the enemy, and strike terror into them with there fighting methods. Many .
             were scared of the beserkers, and would run at there meer sight.

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