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            There is no power like the power of a woman. Lady Macbeth, being a prime example of that. In Shakespeare's renowned tragedy, Macbeth was drawn in a plot to murder his King. Although his ambition and the Witches" prophecy may have seemed to be the reasons for the murder, it was by greatly, the influence Lady Macbeth had on Macbeth that lead him to kill Duncan. Without the ridicule of Lady Macbeth's final words on the evening of the planed murder, Macbeth would have used his better judgment and overlooked the poorly planned assassination, which ended up destroying himself, his family, and his friends.
             Macbeth was no villain. He was no fool either. At the beginning of Act I, scene vii, Macbeth's soliloquy proved him to hold a conscience mind. The Witches" prophecy only stated that he would become King, no specifics as to how or when. His ambition also triggered a thought of overthrowing the King but he knew that what went around came around. "This even-handed justice commends the ingredience of our poison"d chalice to our own lips." (Shakespeare, 10-12) He was aware that if he were to gain the throne through bloodshed, then likely the same would happen to him; he would loose his throne through bloodshed. That was not what he wanted. No man would waste his time and energy to fight painfully for something he wanted and loose it just as painfully. .
             Macbeth was also quite aware of the consequences of killing Duncan. "I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition, which o"erleaps itself, and falls on the other." (Shakespeare, I, vii, 25-28) Macbeth knew himself to be an ambitious man. He also knew that when a horseman attempts to leap into the saddle and jumps too far, the horseman would fall on the other side. Thus, if he strived for something that was exceeding what he could handle, he may defeat himself. (Bealey, pg. 30) It is certainly not worth it to fight for a title and loose it because you cannot maintain it.


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