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With constant improvement in c

             It is no secret that technology will continue to improve, and as it does there will be new things invented to reduce the amount of privacy that a person may feel. This, however, does not necessarily mean that a person's privacy will actually be diminished. Computers do not automatically enter in credit card numbers, addresses, or phone numbers, they must first be entered in by a human counterpart. Even if they are saved in a cookie, there are ways to remove them and stop such things from happing. The trick is for people to understand how. So in fact, our privacy is not being taken away as much as we are giving it away. Also, in the world of technology for every attempt by an authoritative figure to stop end users from doing something they view as negative or illegal has failed. An example of such a thing would be serial numbers. Software companies tried to make users enter in a unique serial number, which they could only have if they paid for the program. This of course has not stopped people from hacking in to the programs to bypass serial numbers completely. As ways to get around such fail safes become harder, the hacks on the other end of the spectrum become much more complicated as well. My fear is not that one day people will live in a world of no privacy because of advanced technology, it is that people will be to ignorant to care or fight the legislation allowing the invasion of privacy by corporate America and/or the government. To quote Lance Morrow: "The busybodies have begun to infect American society with a nasty intolerance -- a zeal to police the private lives of others and hammer them into standard forms -- A Nation of Finger Pointers," this is what I fear.

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