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willie stark

            Compare and contrast the image and character of political leadership as portrayed in the films "Woodrow Wilson- and "All the King's Men."" What did the leadership styles have in common? How were they different? Was one more effective than the other? Was one more "democratic- than the other? Explain.
             Although the characters of Willie Stark and Woodrow Wilson depicted in the films "Woodrow Wilson- and "All the Kings Men- both fought for betterment of the common man, they were individually motivated for dissimilar goals. Willie Start sought to better himself and to gain political power through a fazade of seeking to improve the standards of others, while Woodrow Wilson used his power primarily to provide for the needs people, and put himself second. From the reading and films it can be seen that the characters of Willie stark and Woodrow Wilson have very different leadership styles, this is because of the very different ways they came to power and exercised their power.
             Wilson's rise to power was extraordinary. Few have risen from relative obscurity to world prominence so quickly. In 1909 he was the president of a small, struggling university, in 1918 he was the world's one hope for lasting peace. In 1909 Wilson's progressive programs and innovations as president of Princeton University attracted the attention of the Democratic political machine. They helped elect him Governor of New Jersey, but learned to regret it. Instead of following orders Wilson ended up cleaning house and riding the state house of much deep-seeded corruption. Presidential aspirations cut his tenure as Governor short. His writing, oratory skills, and progressive accomplishments gave him enough visibility to attract Democrats looking for a national leader. A speaking tour designed to test the waters was a rousing success and Governor Wilson stepped into national politics.
             Stark, who rises from poverty to become the governor of his state and its most powerful political figure.

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