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             Harley-Davidson Motor Company is one of the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Harley-Davidson's goal is to increase production capacity over the next eight years (by 2003). In order to accomplish this, Harley-Davidson has decided to implementing a system that will allow the purchasing side of the organization to become a common point of contact for suppliers. Presently, Harley-Davidson is at the planning stage of this implementation process. They have defined their scope in that they do not wish to implement a full ERP system; they wish to focus on the purchasing side of the system. By implementing a new system, they hope to create closer relationships with suppliers, increase productivity, and decrease costs. Top management has put together a team called the SiL"K (Supplier Information Link) team to charge the project. One of their main responsibilities is to chose a system provider. The team has put on a Provider Conference to narrow down their choices. In assessing which system provider to chose from, the team is heavily considering how the provider has assessed them self in terms of qualitative and quantitative factors. By the end of the Provider Conference, Harley-Davidson narrowed down their choices to three providers. Important factors that Harley-Davidson was considering in assessing the capabilities of these three providers were cost, their functionality, how they fit in with the corporate culture, and how the provider was going to deal with change management within the organization. Our teams final recommendation for Harley-Davidson is to chose Provider 2. Provider 2 will provide Harley-Davidson with the key elements required for their system implementation to be a success.
             INTERNAL ANALYSIS (refer to Appendix A).
             The organization at Harley-Davidson shows tremendous strength internally. They operate with the belief that a strong corporate culture is a necessity in order for business to run successfully.

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