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The horrendous impact of Sept

             Two years ago, a tragic event occurred. When I first heard it, I was overwhelmed with feelings of confusion and disbelief. The situation seemed surreal. I had always been thankful to live in this country, and have the freedom that so many others in this world can only dream about. The entire disastrous event was like a bad dream. The destruction our nation faced on September 11, 2001 was more than I could ever fathom. I was in school when I heard of the attacks against America. I was sitting in history class when all of suddenly , another teacher rushed in and said, "America is being attacked!" The history teacher, Dr. Hylander, quickly turned on the TV. and with shock, we saw the planes flying into the Twin Towers. .
             As we watched the footage of the World Trade Center being struck by a plane, and then another, my heart sank. As I watched people leaping from the buildings, I started to shed tears. It was then that I realized the reality of the situation. Thousands of innocent people had died, and millions would be affected by the repercussions. The terrorists had attacked our symbols of capitalism, democracy, financial power, safety and freedom. I think that September 11th is a day that should be spent reflecting on our lives and being so thankful that we are alive and realizing how quickly things could change. .
             I intend to spend the day remembering the thousands who lost their lives that day in the most horrific, unspeakable way imaginable. I can't help thinking about the terror those people experienced being cooked alive up there, watching the tower next to them collapse, watching people fly past them as they jumped from higher floors, and not knowing which was worse, burning or falling, two of most people's worst fears. They should always be remembered for the sakes of their families and friends. We should remember the kindnesses and heroism, both big and small we all witnessed that day and keep it alive forever.

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