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             --These are smaller intra vaginal devices than a diaphragm. Caps come in a range of sizes and fit snugly over the cervix .
             How does it work?.
             -- The cap is a barrier method of birth control.
             -- similar to the diaphragm in that It keeps sperm from mixing with cervical mucus and .
             entering the uterus and fertilizing an egg. .
             --Like the diaphragm, It is used with a spermicidal (sperm-killing) cream or jelly.
             -- Can be left in place for up to 48 hours.
             -- Requires only one small application of spermicide inside the cap at time of insertion. .
             -- Good alternative for diaphragm because of poor vaginal muscle tone. .
             -- assist in avoiding urinary tract infections associated with diaphragm use. .
             -- X STDs.
             -- Sometimes more difficult to insert or remove than a diaphragm. .
             -- Can be dislodged from the cervix during sex. .
             --Not always as easily available .
             How reliable is it?.
             92- 96%.
             Where can you get the cap?.
             As for diaphragm, although not all healthcare providers offer the cap in addition to the diaphragm, keep looking and you will find one who does.
             Condoms .
             What is a condom?.
             -- A condom is a narrow tube usually made of natural rubber latex which is closed at one end. Most condoms have a teat at the end which holds semen once the man has ejaculated. .
             -- Male condoms are available in a variety of types, plain, coloured, ribbed, flavoured, shaped and even glow in the dark!.
             How does it work?.
             -- It fits over a man's erect penis and prevents semen entering the vagina/anus. .
             -- Condoms usually come rolled up in a sleeve. .
             -- You can buy condoms over the counter. .
             -- You do not need to see a Doctor to obtain them. .
             -- They are suitable for most couples. .
             -- NO STD's!!!.
             -- You can have fun experimenting with different flavours, colours and styles. .
             -- May be allergic to the latex or spermicide used in male condoms. .
             -- Practice :0) .
             -- Condoms can split. .
             -- You should NEVER use OIL BASED LUBRICANTS with Male condoms.

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