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             In this study, I am going to try to find answers to the questions "how adequate are social and economic researches and studies that have been carried out on Kayseri and what steps should be taken in order to improve the quality and quantity of these studies. Moreover, I am also going to mention archival sources and judicial records of Kayseri and evaluate the subject studies on Kayseri in terms of the arhival sources and judicial records. .
             Kayseri, as one of the important centers of Anatolia, has always had a great importance during the imperial times and during the Republican Turkey. The city was captured by the Turks in 1067 and by the Ottoman Empire in 1398. Before these dates, Kayseri had been controlled by the Hitites, Phrigians, Meds, Persians, Macedonians, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Umayyids, Seljukids, Danishmendis, Mongols, Karaman Principality and Ottomans. Thus, one can easily understand that it had been established on the road of invasion of many tribes and of people, which in fact brings about the fact that although generally these conquerors were inclined to destroy the remnants of the previous civilization, they were also unable to prevent integration of certain aspects or traditions of the previous conquerors. Therefore, Kayseri, with regard to the above statement, is a city of history and of civilization. .
             When we come to our topic regarding the researches and studies on Kayseri, it can be seen that in comparision with the other cities of Anatolia or of the Ottoman Empire, Kayseri has been studied widely. .

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