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essay on angela's ashes

             Explore the presentation of the women in ""Much Ado About Nothing"".
             Shakespeare presents the women in ""Much Ado About Nothing"" according to their role and in time of the past time. They do not have control their own except Beatrice. They are four women in number and descried accordingly.
             Beatrice is a young and unmarried lady. She is of a high status despite she is an orphan. She has an uncle who is a governor. She is the only strong-willed bold but unmarried. She is the only woman who speaks with authority and mockingly to the men "he is the prince's jester a very dull fool" this shows that he is not intelligent and all he can do is to make people laugh. However this was unusually to be said by a woman to a man, embodying how bold and rude Beatrice was to the men.
             She is the only strong women but unmarried until the last Act. She dislikes Benedick one of the followers of Don Pedro, and Benedick dislikes her too and he also dislike women which make him say he will be a bachelor man till the end of his life. .When the messenger brought the news about the Benedick and other solider returning from a victory war, which they succeed in. she speaks mockingly about Benedick disregarding his status as a soldiers but the messenger, tried to defend his follow solider. Demonstrating how sarcastic and sharp Beatrice is to Benedick. She is intelligent and thinks very quickly and this was embodied when they had their merry war after his return, they attempt scoring point off each other, benedict called Beatrice a "rare parrot" he describes her as someone that talks a lot without making any point any copying other people's words.
             Leonato, Beatrice's uncle was unhappy about her attitude and advised her to stop it, if not she will never get a husband and to my own view, this is the best advice one can give to Beatrice. "Thou wilt never get thee a husband, if thou be so shrewd of thy tongue.

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