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MultiParty system

            Lina and Vincin Gapbrel have been married for ten years now. They have been trying to produce a child for six years now. However Lina has had several miscarriages, so the two have been pretty much alone except for their golden retriever named Bob. Originally, both Lina and Vincin were born in Asia. However, both of their families immigrated to the United States when each of them was younger. Now Lina, 36, is making 25 dollars an hour as a Nurse, and Vincin, 34, making 20 dollar an hour as a supermarket manager. They live happily in their two story town house on the Florida Keys, seeing their parents and the rest of their immediate family every Sunday for dinner. They were quiet happy living their days walking their dog and swimming. However they still wanted the baby.
             It was not long again before Lina was pregnant again. Normally most pregnancies are joyful times. However, since Lina has had many miscarriages the fear was there. However this time was different. With all the pregnancy test coming back the fears began to slip away, Skyler Thomas was looking like he will be a perfect new born baby boy. However, things did not go according to plan. Skyler Thomas was born 12 weeks early. His premature birth had left him totally blind. Blindness affects many people around the world. It is not an easy disability to live with or handle. However, there are many different tools available for a visually impaired person to aide them in life.
             Sight is one of the five senses which most of us take for granted. Ever since the dawn of time man has relied on his or her ability to see to survive. Back many years ago a child probably would not have survived if they could not see. Vision is one of our key sensory skills that allow us to: hunt, protect our selves, and simply enjoy viewing artistic work. It is no surprise that our society continually searches for new innovations that allow the darkness of a visually impaired person's life to become enlightened.

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