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Democracy in 2003

            Milo DiPaola September 13, 2003.
             "Democracy is a philosophy; an intellection and theory that begirds the skeleton of a government". It is a concept of inalienable liberties for the governed who govern. "The spirit of our citizens, rising with a strength and majesty which show the loveliness of freedom, will make this government in practice what it is in principle, a model for the protection of man in a state of free and order." Democracy assures freedom and rights to all citizens. "All inhabitants share the posession of civil private rights(1)." .
             It is a concept of freedom and justice to all who live under such a "government." The concept of democracy has evolved over thousands of years blending additional elements to the concoction and because of this, cultural diffusion of democratic principle has become what it is today. Democracy has undergone evolutionary adaptation in response to historical circumstances. . .
             "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely (Lord Acton)." The more power governments have, the more human insecurity exists. The famous democratic freedom is the main generator of national and individual wealth and prosperity. .
             Democracy is derived from two Greek words; demos or people and kratein or to rule. Due to the root of the word democracy originating in Greece, one can only conclude that this is where direct democracy was propagated. Although the founding of our modern political system took place over 2,000 years ago, the event still has major .
             1.)James Bryce, The American Commonwealth, in The Lanahan Readings in the American Polity, 3d ed. (Baltimore: Lanahan Publishers, Inc., 2003), 7.
             impact and authority in the state of democracy in 2003. The original Greek theory of democracy was a government directly ruled by the people. An Assembly consisting of all citizens was required to meet and vote on important .
             issues. Anyone could be heard and everyone's point of view was subsumed.

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